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Add an extra room to your home in a snap.

Prefabricated on Vancouver Island. Delivered to you turnkey in 4 to 8 weeks.

The Garden Nook is a modern prefabricated backyard studio. Made on Vancouver Island, BC. Perfect for a home office or guest room!

What we do :

We build prefabricated minimalist spaces for a simpler living.


Quality and Design

We design minimalist spaces for a simpler living, encouraging harmony between work, rest and play.

We use noble material such as cedar and metal to provide beauty, strength and longevity. We inserted large openings in our designs because they let natural light in and create a sensation of spaciousness inside as well as integration with the surroundings.



Our products are prefabricated on Vancouver Island and ship to our clients turnkey. It takes 4 to 8 weeks from order to delivery.

Minimum foundation work is necessary and a crane does the installation in 1 to 2 hours. Once your Nook is installed, plug it and start enjoying your new space right away..



We love to work with our clients on customizing their nook.

Choose from different materials, colors, windows, doors... Even the size can be adjusted. Our goal is for your Nook to look and feel exactly the way you want.


Custom Projects

Do you have a specific idea in mind and want to start from a blank page ? 


We can work with you to design and build a custom prefab backyard studio just like you imagine it.


Let us know about it!

96 sqft

The perfect prefab home-office, steps away from home.


104 sqft

A cozy A-frame prefab cabin, down to the essentials


Made in Canada

Our Nooks are made on Vancouver Island and delivered to you Turnkey.


Customize your Nook.

We’ll work with you to make it your own.


Make your Nook your home office, guest room, play room, artist studio and more.

Fast Process

Lead time from order to delivery is 4-8 weeks

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