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Our Story

Nook was founded by Max Nouet, a builder and designer with an extensive career in the construction industry. He holds a degree in Environmental Engineering and started working as a construction engineer for projects in Europe and West Africa. He’s been a carpenter and home builder in BC since 2016.

Max created Nook with an idea to offer a modular backyard studio that’s functional, affordable, modern and simple to install, allowing to add an extra room to a home without the cost and burden of doing an extension or a  renovation.

Our Values

Quality & Design

The Garden Nook was thoughtfully designed as a backyard studio space that can be used for a variety of purposes such as a home office or a guest room. Its large openings allow for maximum natural light as well as providing a sensation of spaciousness. We chose noble materials to provide beauty, strength and longevity. The Garden Nook was engineered to sustain tough elements.


We strive to manage our impact on the planet. The reality of the construction industry is that it’s difficult to actually source material that will have a positive environmental impact. For that reason, we have decided to focus our efforts on giving back a percentage of our revenue to support environmental initiatives.

Giving Back

We live in an era of environmental crisis and we strongly believe that it is also the responsibility of businesses to step up and take actions. Nook partnered with the organization Ecodrive through which we plant 200 trees for each Nook sold. Planting trees is a simple action that leads to real impact benefiting the health of our planet. Trees absorb and store carbon, preserve soils and foster biodiversity.

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